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Th9 Hybrid Base links This is one of the best designs for town hall 9, as it consists of many amazing buildings and towers. In this most of the defense towers and army, buildings are placed inside the different sections of the clan. The town hall is kept outside the clan and most of the resource towers are also placed outside Clash of Clans TH9 Base Links The second layout design has the centralized town hall that is very close to the clan castle. This th is surrounded by wizard towers, Tesla's and x-bows and clan castle. This design is an anti Valkyrie village that air defenses parallel across the layout Gute RH 9 Base zum Kopieren für CK Clan Krieg - COC Clash of Clans 2021 CW Clan Wars Layouts Rathaus Level 9 + Copy Links / TH LvL9 Base After upgrading Town Hall up to Level 9, its color changes to gray and dark blue for the first time ever, and you have access to 10 additional buildings! Now you can involve the Archer Queen and you have the possibility to upgrade Dark Barrack up to the highest (6th) level TH9 CW Base. by powsenclaun. Comments (12) You gotta to comment, foo. Posted 9 months ago Sarah Bliss. lvl 1: Loincloth. cred: 2. joined: 11/05/20. This game is really interesting and makes me more happy than Singapore escorts London girl that are also interesting to visit. Posted 10 months ago AdminClash. lvl 6: Giant Sideburns. cred: 2,270. joined: 14/04/20. FREE 20,000 GEMS IN CLASH.

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  1. TH9 Anti Everything COC Base. It is the simplest design for th9 base layout, that can build easily at the starting of town hall 9. This base consists of small compartments, as we know more compartments make the clan safer. The town hall is kept outside the clan while there are two layers of resource buildings and defense towers, protecting the whole clan. This best th9 bases link also contains.
  2. Gute RH 9 Base zum Kopieren - COC Clash of Clans 2021 Layouts Rathaus LvL 9 + Copy Links / TH LvL9 Base
  3. CW RH9 Townhall 9 War Base Clash of Clans Layout created by SteffBoossssss. Try it out in the attack simulator, see previous attacks or modify it with the base builde
  4. Top 1000 Town hall 9 Clash of Clans Bases. Launch an attack in the simulator or modify with the base builder
  5. COC TH9 War Base Links Anti 2 Stars. Please be aware that a few foundations are constructed with high town hall accounts, nevertheless the buildings used are just people readily available for your town hall level 9 links. A different base which produces funneling a total jolt throughout all of the garbage buildings on the surface and the guards onto the exterior will probably prevent any.
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Town Hall 9 - CoC Progress Base Links - Clash of Clans | Clasher.us - Download/Copy Progress Base links , Maps, Layouts for Town Hall 9 in Home Village of Clash of Clan Th9 Trophy Base Copy link. These all bases which I shared with you are Trophy bases and these bases work amazingly for me. These all bases are unique bases and made by me on the basis of my understanding of making COC bases. Now let's take a look on the bases. Just click below to copy the base. CLICK HERE. Just click below to copy the base. CLICK HERE. Just click below to copy the base. Pekka Smash (TH9) Anonym 9+ egal+ Lava&ELekto: Anonym 9-12 1.400-2.800 Babyzerstörung: Anonym 9-10 0-3.000 BODRHO: Anonym 7-9 0-5,000 Schleichkobold Farming: Anonym 11-14 Alle+ OnlyBabyBlitz: Anonym RH9-RH14 0-3.000 Lesenswerte Blog-Beiträge. Gängige Angriffsstrategien kurz erläutert - Teil III: Strategien der Fortgeschrittenen - 05.08.2016; Gängige Angriffsstrategien kurz erläutert. TH9 - CW Base. LordMCDonald; 30. Mai 2015; LordMCDonald. Bronze. Punkte 82 Beiträge 15 RH Level 9 Spielerlevel 93 Clan Die Stauffer . 30. Mai 2015 #1 #1; So grad mal dieses Forum hier entdeckt und direkt mal angemeldet. Mal so bisschen was über mich: Name-Level: LordMCDonald - Level 93 Clan: Die Stauffer Ich zocke seit gut einem Jahr inzwischen und bin seit paar Wochen auf Rathaus Lvl 9. in Clash of Clans. The Best TH9 War/Trophy/Farming Base Layouts (May 2021) by Tim April 26, 2021, 9:00 am 9k Downloads 9 Comments. If you look for a fresh and well-working base layout for your Town Hall 9 Home Village base you're in the perfect place. I do frequently test, build and review base layouts for Town Hall 9 and give them here ready for you so you can directly copy them without.

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The levels 9 Town Halls were added in clash of clans. Usually th9 takes 2 month to max out the base without skipping a day. At each Town Hall level, new buildings are unlocked. The below table shows the unlocked buildings and structures by Town Hall level. What to Upgrade/Build first TH 9 Upgrade Guid TH9 / By BestCocbases In this post, I will share the best TH9 hybrid base of COC, and I will also share a link by which you can easily copy the base. These all bases which I will share with you will be a hybrid base, which means you will find the good placement of the defensive building and other stuff on these bases NEW BEST TH9 Base 2019 with REPLAY | Anti 3/2 Star TH9 Trophy Base with Copy Link - Clash of Clans Base Layout Link: https://base..

Inspired with a base i much see in chinese clans @ clanwars. No buildings between TH and above side, but the circle around it will lure the attacking troops round and the strong DPS from the core will take care of them. Also; - unlureable CC - strong air-def (xbows on ground and air), also n So, without further ado let's have a look at the coc th9 hybrid base Gute RH 4 Base zum Kopieren - COC Clash of Clans 2021 Layouts Rathaus LvL 4 + Copy Links / TH LvL4 Base All the best Townhall 9 Base Layouts with Links. Browse through our huge collection of clash of clans townhall 9 base layouts with links! War base, Trophy base, farm base or just a casual base for aesthetics, we got them. Sponsor here -https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCrWdPsIgE4GIWGiFUMHL4bQMain Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrWdPsIgE4GIWGiFUMHL4bQsecond channe..

Die Beste RH 9 CK Clan Krieg Base - Gute COC 2021 CW Clan

To know more about this TH9 best coc base, continue reading this post. BASE DESCRIPTION. Hey guys I'm Dark BarBarian, welcome back to another video, today we are making a new Town Hall 9 Hybrid and Trophy Base, this base is going to help you in saving both your loot as well as your trophies, along with that we are going to do a complete breakdown of this base in the base analysis part of the. Clash of Clans Accounts. Produkte Preis [Supercell ID] LV 103/TH 9 - BK 22 AQ 19 | Gems 768 | Android & IOS. mehr Informationen. Account works for both Android & IOS user. Free Change Name: No . Account specifications shown as in screenshot. 21,75 € kaufen [Supercell ID] LV 105/TH 9 - BK 18 AQ 21 | Gems 116 | Android & IOS. mehr Informationen. Account works for both Android & IOS user. Free. Einleitung Die Clankriegsligen sind ein monatliches Event, in dem bis zu acht Clans in einem liga-ähnlichen System gegeneinander kämpfen. Eingeführt wurden die Ligen mit dem Update vom 23. Oktober 2018. In Clankriegen der Größe 15 gegen 15 oder 30 gegen 30 (verfügbar von Bronze 3 bis Meister 1), bei dem jeder Angreifer nur einen(!) Angriff hat, wird um Sterne, Zerstörung, Belohungen und. Hello Guys, I need best CW Base from these pictures down below: I need base Anti Lavaloonian from these bases also if you have better base than these against Lavaloonian post it :) I get sick in War always my base 2-3Stared so I must change my Layout but I'm wondering which one from these are the best choice :) Rate for best base or Comment for your opinion on that base so I can understand why.

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Best TH9 War CWL Bases with Links for COC Clash of Clans 2021 - Copy Town Hall Level 9 Clan Wars Bases. Advertisement: TH Bases; Builder Hall Bases; All War Farm Defense. TH 3; TH 4; TH 5; TH 6; TH 7; TH 8; TH 9; TH 10 ; TH 11; TH 12; TH 13; TH 14; with Link. 2021. with Link. 2021. with Link. 2021. with Link. 2021. with Link. 2021. with Link. 2021. with Link. 2020. with Link. 2020. with Link. If you're looking for the New BEST TH9 HYBRID/TROPHY Base 2021!! | Town Hall 9 (TH9) Hybrid Base Design - Clash of Clans with copy link in Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best base for coc Town Hall 9 available on YouTube. This Town Hall 9 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing COC TH09 Farming Base Layout 2021. If you are trying to find a well-working farming base design for th9 which will assist you to protect your stars in multi players battles along with the loot, you are only at the ideal location! These layouts will offer you the most up-to-date & most base designs for town hall 9 COC Th 9 Base design is such that all collectors and mines are kept inside of base so that available loot is not so vulnerable to enemy troops and kept protected. Dark Elixir, clan castle, and town hall remain in the core of the base. Best TH9 Farming Base 2021 Anti Everything. Download Link Base & Copy Direct in COC . Best TH9 Farming Base 2021 Anti Everything. Download Link Base & Copy. When it comes to defending a th9 base in coc, you have to make sure you keep the town hall inside the base and moreover in the middle of the base to be at a better position. Town Hall usually contains 20% of the resources and keeping it in the middle increases your chance of saving loot too ! Also, you give enough time to the defenses to do its work and stop the enemies before they reach your.

TH9 CWL/War/Trophy base #666 Copy Base, Copy Link: [Town Hall 9] TH9 CWL/War/Trophy base #666 [With Link] [2-2021] - War Base Town Hall Base Links - CoC Maps Layouts Link The levels 9 Town Halls were added in clash of clans. Usually th9 takes 2 month to max out the base without skipping a day. At each Town Hall level, new buildings are unlocked. The below table shows the unlocked buildings and structures by Town Hall level Looking for best th9 hybrid bases with link? You are at the right place. Hybrid bases usually have a double role to play. One is to defend and the other is to protect the loot i.e the resources. They help in pushing trophies while also maintaining the loot. I have made these bases ready for you and all you have to do is just copy the bases. For your assurance there are some videos of attack. Town Hall 9 War/Trophy Base Design in Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best base for coc Town Hall 9 available on YouTube. This Town Hall 9 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. To know more about this TH9 best coc base, continue reading this post Eagles - Fabulous TH9 Clan War Base. Hello guys, as requested, today I am going to show you a new Town Hall 9 war base which works extremely well against Valkyrie based attacks and lots of... Posted by: coclandrumit 11/5/2016. 48. Mousetrap - Town Hall 8 Tricky War Base. Hello Town Hall 8 fellows, today I want to share with you a stunning Town Hall 8 war base called Mousetrap, which was.

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Mencari susunan formasi base Hybrid Town Hall 9 terbaik di Clash of Clans (COC)?Di sini JalanTikus memberikan beberapa contoh gambar susunan formasi base Hybrid TH 9 yang bisa kamu gunakan di base kamu.. Base Town Hall 9 Hybrid adalah jenis formasi base yang berfokus pada perlindungan Town Hall dan Loot secara maksimal. Dengan menggunakan salah satu base Town Hall 9 Hybrid, Loot, dan Trophy. Another creative base! These open wall designs can be quite frustrating to raid against and waste time cleaning up. Giants also get a good exercise! Hard to lure cc troops again, good placement of traps for hog path and 4 air defensed in the middle provides good protection from air raids. Tuff base this, tesla positions cause havoc and funneling gives giants a tough time. Another excellent. Alright so I just upgraded to town hall 9 and I think these are the troop level because I have max th9s in my clan and the only reason they arnt upgrading is defenses Barbarian: Level 6 Archer: Level 6 Giant:Level 6 Wallbreaker: Level 5 Balloon :.

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Lavaloon Troops Combo For Th9 war base It's one of the most used war strategy in Coc for town hall 9. It's an air-based attack strategy where the right placement of spell determines your win probability. Requirement: Lava hound, Balloons, Minions, Rage spell, Haste spell, and Poison spell Ich persönlich finde es nicht immer ganz einfach so eine base wegzuputzen (bei TH9 Max). Deshalb greife ich diese base mit einer Gowi Notlösung an (unten beschrieben) ODER ich bitte einen Rathaus 10er direkt über mir, ob er diese Nummer für mich machen kann und ich wäre somit ein Joker um weiter unten auszuhelfen 18 Base Th 9 Terkuat 2020 (Anti Bintang 3)-Base Th 9 Farming Terkuat 2020 - Untuk bisa membangun town hall 9 memang dibutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama dan juga gold yang lumayan banyak. Di th 9 ini kita akan mendapatkan beberapa bangunan baru seperti bertambahnya jumlah banteng, acher tower, wizard tower dan masih banyak yang lainnya

TH-9 war bases We unlock Witch and Lava Hound which are very useful in wars. Unlock X-Bows for defense MASSENhexe mit einem Twist! Clash of Clans Rathaus 13 2021 von Clash With Cory; Sparen Sie mit diesen Hämmern eine TONNE Dunkles Elixier! - Clash of Clan von Clash Bashing !! Beste Basis für TH9 TH10 und TH11 in Clash of Clans von ECHO Gaming; 999 IQ DOUBLE Skelly Donut LALO von Synthe war Wahnsinn !! Clash of Clans eSports von Clash mit Eric.

Die Beste RH 12 CK Clan Krieg Base - Gute COC 2020 CW Clan . Ich habe in Clash of Clans Rathaus Level 6 und ich habe bei einigen Rathaus Level 7 gesehen und die haben einen. g. Latest Top 30 Days Top. Clash of clans Rathaus 9 CK Dorf I Clash of Bases - YouTub . All the best Townhall 9 Base Layouts with Links. Browse through our huge collection of clash of clans townhall 9 base layouts with. th9 war base anti everything ! coc th9 war base 2016 new! clash of clans town hall 9 war base ! th9 war base ! th9 war base anti lavaloon, gowipe, goho ! cla... 12+ Best TH8 Defense Base 2020 (New!) 3000+ cups Saved

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Jan 17, 2018 - Explore Clasherlab's board TH9 War Base Design, followed by 128 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about war, base, clash of clans Top 10 COC TH8 War Base 2018 Base of Clans Top 10 TH8 . Best COC Bases Town Hall TH-11 Base 2020 - Clash Of Clans ; Clash of Clans: Die 5 besten Tipps - CHI ; Clan List - Clash of Clans Tool ; COC Top 3 RH9 / TH9 CW Base with 4 mortar Lets Play ; He Can BEAT ANY BASE! 300 IQ Attacks in Clash of Clans; Autismus persönlichkeitsstörung. Orisa efi Th9 War Base is a design for the layout of the famous game Clash of Clans which help you out to figure out the layout design of your base. With this feature, you will able to choose which layout that you think will lead you in winning the battles. Not only that, an ideal layout will also protect you village from getting damaged by the attackers Daftar Base TH 9 Terkuat Game COC yang Akan Membantu Pertahanan. Para pemain Clash of Clans pasti sudah tidak asing dengan tipe-tipe base yang bisa digunakan sebagai salah satu strategi mempertahankan desanya. Nah, jika Anda pemain baru dalam permainan ini, daftar base th 9 terkuat game COC berikut bisa menjadi rekomendasi sebagai strategi saat bermain. 1. Desain Base Tipe Trophy. Daftar.

[BASE] Crows - Th9 De Protection Base. BASE . I was requested earlier on forums to update the crows and implement one more gold and elixir collector into the base. Although it seems like a funny request I ended up caving in like always so I thought I'd post it here as well :-). The post is only there so newer guys have a picture they can easily copy / build from. If you have any questions. Saat sudah mencapai level ini mempunyai base TH 9 terbaik di clash of clans merupakan suatu keharusan. Ada beberapa hal yang menjadi catatan khusus saya untuk TH 9 sebelum menyusun base Defense building memiliki prioritas lebih tinggi dibanding productivity building, karena kamu tidak akan bisa menyimpan resources terlalu banyak jika sering diserang Di sini JalanTikus sudah merangkum berbagai macam contoh gambar formasi COC base TH9 Clan War yang bisa kamu gunakan. Base Town Hall 9 Clan War adalah jenis formasi base yang berfokus pada perlindungan ke semua bangunan agar musuh sulit untuk mendapatkan bintang 3. Base TH9 Clan War terkuat ini cukup ampuh digunakan saat sedang terjadi War Clash of Clans. BACA JUGA Kumpulan Formasi Base Town.

Clash of Clans: TH9 Upgrade Order 2020 - Ultimate Guide. July 2, 2020 December 5, 2019 by Rachit Gupta. Upgrading to the new town hall level is always exciting. Most of the players don't know what they should upgrade first at the new town hall level. In order to progress faster, you need to know the right TH9 upgrade order. TH9 unlocks a lot of new exciting upgrades, troop levels, and a. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting. Looking for a New Design Best Base Maps Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9, you can apply your base from strategi map, defense map, farming map, war map. HOW TO USE: 1. Open Maps COC TH 9 Maps of Clash Of Clans 2. Select your favorite Base Maps 3. Touch the Plus 4. Press Save Maps of Clash Of Clans button to register 5. Maps of Clash Of Clans You have been changed FEATURES: 1

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Clash of Clans: Layout-Editor verwenden - Basen-Designs wechseln 22.03.2016, 17:44 Clash of Clans-Barbarenkönig: Alle Informationen zum ersten Helden des Spiel 10 Best TH9 War Bases Links Anti Everything 2021 - Latest COC Bases. Leave a Comment. I know it sounds great if you can win the war against your opponent. But the sad part is that most people are not able to achieve this, so that's why today we have come up with the best TH9 War Bases. So without further ado, Let's discuss the best th9 war bases. th9 base layout. Best Th9 War Bases Link. Th9 Base designs are key to whether we win or not. These are some base designs we have come up against and found really difficult to hog. For those who feel their base is not strong, please try and use one of CLASH OF CLANS. Search. Primary Menu Skip to content. A) Clan Rules - READ THIS FIRST; B) Clan War Rules, Strategy & Base Designs. 1. TH8 bases (recommended) 2. TH9 bases.

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CoC Stars. Home; Town Hall . TH 9. Town Hall 9 Build Order; Town Hall 7 Guide; Builder Base . TH11 War, Trophy, Farm; TH10 War Bases; TH9 War Bases; TH8 War Bases; TH7 War Bases; TH6 War Bases; Blog; About; Menu. The Top 15 Best TH9 War Base Battle Tested. December 15, 2017; 1 Comment; Unlike any other site that offers up Town Hall 9 war base design advice, how many of those actually have been. Not a TH9 Base, but it's the most well known TH8 base that illustrates the points I try to claim. Revolves around the Town Hall > defense coverage > Clan Castle > Traps. I will explain the anti-hog ring later on. Known Bases in this Stage: TH8 Anti-Hog Build, any trophy bases/mortar in the center bases. Offense: When it comes to attacking bases that are targetted for trophy bases, they are.

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Base Coc Th 9 Anti Bintang 3 : BASE COC TERBAIK 2017 ANTI 3 BINTANG: Base TH 9 terkuat 2017 - This creative commons license allows players to use my base, but claiming it as your own or making a youtube video is prohibited.. Advertisement we're trying to update coc bases archive and add new 2021 layouts with links so you can copy them! These all bases which i shared with you are trophy bases. There is nothing called best in Clash of Clans. That simply goes against the nature of the game. However, that being said, I am revealing my very own base design today with which I have had some real success since getting to TH9. I have been desig..

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Oct 6, 2018 - Best COC TH9 Farming Base Link Anti Everything New Update 2021 With bomb tower & Air Sweeper .These Layouts are Anti Valkyrie, Giants, Bowlers, Golem's If you are looking for TH9 base that will defend against every town hall 9 attacking strategy, then you have come to the right place. This base design is not only good against Ground attack, it is also better for prevent from getting 3 stars from air attacking strategy too. As we all know that every single star, and percentage matter in the clan war. because they determine whether we will win. Gute RH / TH 9 Base für Farming - COC Clash of Clans Farm Layouts Rathaus Level 9 / TH LvL9 Basen, Seite 1 Sei es im 5 gegen 5 auf Rathaus 13 oder in größeren Kriegen von Rathaus 10 bis 13. Clansuche Forum (Englisch) Support Leitfaden für Eltern Nutzungsbedingungen Datenschutzrichtlinie. Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch English 简体中文 한국어 日本語 Français Español Italiano Português.

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Posted on April 1, 2017 April 1, 2017 Posted in Uncategorized Tagged 2017, anti 2 star, anti 3 star, anti 3 star base, anti drag, anti goho, anti govalk, anti gowipe, anti hog, anti lavaloonion, anti valk, attack, base, base design, base layout, best, bomb tower, champ, champion, clan war, clash of clans, clash of clans best th9, clash of clans best town hall 9, clash of clans new th9, clash. Clash Of Clans TH 9 War Base Layouts with Bomb Tower Latest Update 2017. Well, below bestgamingnews.com has done the re-design to make the latest base line of War TH 9 (update with Bomb Tower) to further maximize defense. It can not be said the strongest, but may be the best. You can change the placement on small parts if needed. The most important is the position of Traps, the more your base. Base Building Guides: Best Compartment Sizes. Best Defense Pairings. Defending Against New Lightning Spells for TH10-13. TH13 Base Building Guide. TH11 Anti 3 Star Base Building Guide. TH10 Base Building Guide. TH9 Base Building Guide. TH8 Base Building Guide. TH7 Competitive Base Building Guide. TH5 Base Building Guid Even with this surplus adrenaline, this TH9 War Base still gets a few rough edges. Such as the core of this base, it feels a little empty and metes out experience too slowly. Gratefully, the new version of this base will be available soon, but you'll have to collect enough star in Clan Wars and reach level 10 Clan before unlocking next troop in Clash of Clans. If the game would gate. Jun 4, 2018 - Withstood 1200 + ATTACKS!!! Clash of Clans COC Best TH9 Hybrid Base Links with Bomb Tower 2021 Anti everything, Anti 3 Stars and Anti Hogs

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Using APKPure App to upgrade Base Maps COC TH 9, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of Base Maps COC TH 9 App. Formations (layout) base Town Hall 9 best that could be used to base your Clash of Clans. Town Hall 9 is the Town Hall which was built with the price 3,000,000 Gold for 10 days with a different color of the building of Town Hall before, that the color Black. Town. A place where you can browse many good base for clan wars,farming,hybrid,etc. COC BASE 99 More base more fun (: Menubar. Home; TH 7; TH 8; TH 9; TH 10 ; 8/29/2014. Tags: Clash of Clans, Clan Wars, War Recap, JTJ, RunBuck, Wryhorn, Random, Battle!!!, Perfect War, TH10, HitUp, Queen Walk, Queen Charge, HeBo, Hog Snipe . Author Runbuck (aka Wryhorn) Posted on October 11, 2016 1 Comment on Clash of Clans — War Recap (Random) — JTJ Main vs Battle!!! — 10/09/16 Clash of Clans — Attack Tactics — TH9 — 3Go Royal Bo 2J, Hog or Loon Snipe (Aka 2J) Hey.

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Untuk gambar Base CoC TH9 tipe trophy bisa sobat lihat dibawah ini. Base Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Tipe Trophy. Versi 1 . Base Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Tipe Trophy. Versi 2 . 3. Base Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Tipe Farming. Karena yang terpenting adalah melindungi harta, seperti Gold, Elixir, dan Dark Elixir. Disamping itu setelah Town Hall hancur, sobat juga akan mendapatkan Shield yang. War/Trophy Base Town Hall 10 Designs with Air Sweeper - Clash Of Clan Die Abkürzung COC steht für Certificate of Conformity (deutsch Konformitätsbescheinigung) und soll als Dokument bezeugen, dass und wie sich eine bestimmte Ware zu anerkannten (internationalen) Normen verhält und dazu dienen, die Zulassung der Ware auf internationalen Märkten zu erleichtern. Daher ist es vor allem im Import- und Exportbereich als Teil der Zollabfertigung erforderlich

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Clash of Clans (engl., übersetzt Konflikt der Klane, abgekürzt CoC) ist ein MMO-Strategiespiel des finnischen Spieleentwicklers Supercell für Mobilgeräte (Smartphones, Tabletcomputer).. Das Spiel ist als App seit August 2012 für Apples iOS-Betriebssystem und seit Oktober 2013 auch für das Android-Betriebssystem verfügbar. Clash of Clans ist die insgesamt umsatzstärkste App im iOS-App. ---Hi Guys and thank you for stopping by my channel!\\r---Clash of Clans - Town Hall 9 Defense (CoC TH9) BEST Trophy Base Layout + Defense Replays.\\r---Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 9 - The Best Trophy Base Setup for TH9.\\r---Clash of Clans - Town Hall 9 Defense (CoC TH9) BEST Trophy Base Layout (ANTI EVERYTHING)\\rThis base is ANTI HOG, ANTI GOWIPE, ANTI GOWIWI. Clans mit den meisten Fans. Esdeath 1; lumaArmy 2; Peru 3; #Duckgang 4; TaqticalCores 5; Team-Future 6; Pendence 7; Netflex 8; Steadfast 9; UnbeatableClan 10; Folgen auf Twitter; Abonnieren auf YouTube; Ankündigungen . Nickkel (vor 17 Tagen) Frohe Ostern: OSTEREVENT 2021. Vacted (vor 19 Tagen) SkyWars Update. Wolle8 (vor 23 Tagen) CWBW Update & Beta 2.0 + Turnier. Twitter Feed Tweets by.

Die Max War Base RH10 + Link - COC Kriegsbase RathausClash of Clans - BEST Town Hall 9 (TH9) Farming Base with
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